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Protecting Our People & Planet

CauliBox embodies a triple threat of ditching disposable, minimising waste and embracing reusables! Indeed, our CauliBoxes are not only protecting our planet, but also supporting local and ethical businesses.

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Your Impact

Our customers have prevented the equivalent of 


disposables from entering our landfill.

Your Impact

Our Footprint

Our Footprint

Cauli's Circular Economy

In the UK, the linear economy produced and disposed of over 11 billion pieces of single-use packaging waste, which is the equivalent of 2,000 swimming pools. The majority of packaging ends up in our landfills, polluting our oceans and harming our animals and plants. While many individuals turn towards recycling, it is unfortunately not a sustainable solution in the long-run. According to the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs, only 45% of UK’s collected waste is recycled.


CauliBox stands out through building a local circular system. Within our closed-looped system, our containers are used, collected, washed, and repeatedly re-used. On top of that, our CauliBox containers are 100% recyclable, and we fully take care of the end-life recycling. 


We carefully monitor the movement of all our CauliBoxes between our customers and partners. We also kindly ask our Cauli Friends to return products which are either damaged or no longer useful. Once a CauliBox’s time has passed, we return the box to our production centre who then recycles them into new products.

Cauli's Circular Economy

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