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Takeaway without the Throwaway

UK's leading tech-enabled reusable food & drink packaging solution

Our Customers

Our vision

At Cauli, we envision a world without single-use packaging waste. 

One third of the world's waste is packaging, including 65MT of single-use food & drink packaging. This is a peculiar problem, as only 14% of it is actually recyled or composted due to contamination and a lack of composting infrastructure. 

The amount of waste and asscoiated emissions can be reduced by up to 92% if packaging is reusable. 



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Reuse, Return, Repeat

Cauli helps food businesses manage reusable packaging, with access to our supply chain and award-winning technology. 


Within a circular system, the packaging is used, tracked, returned and washed, eliminating single-use waste. 

Reusable packaging must be trackable and reused a minimum number of times to be truly sustainable. Our technology stack ensures packaging always comes back in circulation. 

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Your Impact

Up to March 2024, our customers have prevented 


pieces of disposable packaging from entering our landfill, saving:

~64 Tonnes CO2

~650m3 Material Waste

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