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We’re two women passionate about sustainability and the co-founders of CauliBox.

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Just two foodies trying to save our planet

Having both worked as city professionals, we know how busy everyday life can get- sometimes you feel like you don’t even have the time to wash your dishes!

Living in London, we enjoyed the vibrant street food scene around our offices. However, we noticed that the office bins were constantly piled up with takeout food packaging.

After a bit of digging, we found that around 11 billion pieces of packaging waste are produced every year from food-on-the-go; the delicious takeaways we loved came with a hefty price tag for the environment.

This was a huge problem with no available solution...

So we took matters into our own hands

We started grabbing after-work drinks and meeting for weekend brainstorming sessions to find the answer.

Countless hours of ideas later, we had it! Armed with 20 lunch boxes, a clipboard and the dream of London’s first reusable lunchbox scheme, we marched over to a food market to recruit members for the first trial.

From there, a 10-person trial snowballed into a 250 strong membership scheme with over 10 participating vendors in an extended trial with the Westminster City Council, looking to expand to all street markets in the borough.

We want to help big and small food businesses of all cuisines make the simple step of switching to reusables.

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