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Benefits for you

  • Enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility programme

  • Opportunity to save money

  • Easy to implement

  • Attracts employees and consumers

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Go green

Employees are increasingly pioneering workplace environmental initiatives.

CauliBox can be seamlessly integrated into your workplace to demonstrate your sustainable values as a company and to provide your employees with an alternative to their single-use packaging lunch habits.


Cost saving

The office bins are also usually filled with single-use food packaging which you foot expensive bills to get rid of.

Our competitive pricing could save you money on both waste management and the current disposable packaging you use.

Tailored to you

Adopting the system is hassle free and it can be easily implemented in your in-house cafes, canteens and restaurants.

Co-branding ensures that CauliBox works within your environment. It will boost your company’s ability to attract the new ‘conscious consumer’ by differentiating you as a leader of sustainable change.

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