Takeaway without the throwaway!


Our Mission

At Cauli we believe that plastic recycling is a temporary solution. Plastic can only be recycled limited times, and without systems to restrict production of plastic, the severe environmental impact of plastic production and disposition cannot be avoided.

A lack of standardisation and digitalisation in the supply chain means that any single food-to-go business cannot tackle the issue of plastic food containers alone - we need an industry-wide solution.

CauliBox is the first step towards achieving the goal . The idea is a straightforward one - We partner with food-to-go outlets to build a circular economy by a network of reusable lunch boxes.

The Box Scheme is run with the following 5 key elements:

  1. Pick up: Customers pick up a box from a partner outlet and order food; Outlets scan customer’s CauliApp to track box and apply discount.

  2. Return: Customers return boxes washed or unwashed to outlets and self-scan App to track box.

  3. Washing up: We collect and wash up boxes, and deliver professionally sterilised boxes to outlets and avoid cross-contamination.

  4. Deposit: Customers pay a refundable deposit that entitles them to use 1-2 boxes at the same time.

  5. CauliApp: Customers collect points each time using the box and can spend points on erasing their carbon footprints or In-APP purchases.

Thanks to you guys. It’s a great scheme. I hope it takes off!
— Sam, participant on our pilot scheme