Current work


Tachbrook goes green: a success

We have concluded a 6-week trial at Tachbrook Market with a small focus group with overwhelmingly positive results:

* Participants rated the overall experience as 4.8/5

* Two-thirds of respondents reported they reused and recycled more while on the scheme

* 100% of respondents would download CauliApp and continue on the scheme

05142019-Product-filled-akindo-lunch-Pilot-Caulibox-Cauli-2- Copy.jpg

City of Westminster: the new sustainable foodie hot spot

Following the success of the first pilot, CauliBox is funded by City of Westminster to run an extended 3-month pilot with 15 vendors and 150 participants at Tachbrook Market from end of July.

We will be expanding to 6 markets serving approx. 100 vendors and 6000 customers daily in Westminster by end of 2019.