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London’s Local Markets

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

It’s Saturday afternoon. It’s nice weather outside (surprising for London, right?) and you feel like enjoying the sun. What could you do - well, why not a stroll through your local market?

Buying from businesses close to you is a crucial part of contributing to your local economy. Small producers rely on local consumers, and in turn, putting your money in the hands of the farmers themselves can be much more satisfying and beneficial than paying supermarket franchises. The accessibility you obtain in how products are made is also nowhere near equivalent: you can ask about growing practices, traceability, and even cooking tips.

It’s ethical and better for the planet: the carbon footprint of field-to-fork produce is much less significant if you’re supplied by local farmers than from abroad. Not only can you buy what’s in season, but you choose exactly how many tomatoes or apples you buy without the burden of it already wrapped up in non-recyclable plastic.

Shopping can be an experience, too. Think of the smells, the chatter, the pretty stalls - the occasional sample if you’re lucky. We’re far from the neon lights, tiled floors, and self-checkouts. The more you’ll frequent your local markets, the more you’ll get to know the people behind the products you buy. And rather than focusing on the transaction, you’ll also develop ties within your local community by talking to farmers, exchanging stories and recipes.

Then, share the love: if you want to help their business grow further, engage by leaving reviews, film your weekly food haul, tag them in your stories, or recommend them to your family and friends. And if you’re wondering where to go from here, here’s a list of London farmers markets you can shop at.

In addition to loose produce, you’ll find street food vendors for your takeaways in Tachbrook from Japanese, Turk, to Chinese cuisines. In fact, CauliBox is lucky to partner with a number of Tachbrook food vendors who have taken on our reusable packaging like true eco-warriors.

And for more information & resources, check out London Farmers’ Markets.


Jun 11, 2021

Nice work! :)


Jun 08, 2021

Tachbrook has a great selection of different cuisines from around the world.

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