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Cauli's 2022 Year in Review

Hey there Cauli community,

As the year comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on all the amazing things we've accomplished at Cauli. With plans for single-use plastic items like cutlery, plates, and cups to be banned in England, Cauli's vision for a reusable future has never been more important. Here are some of our top new features and highlights:

New Features:

Borrowing multiple containers

You can now borrow multiple Cauli containers in one go. No more juggling multiple flimsy single-use packaging or choosing which item to put in a CauliBox - just update your app and everything you order can be in a reusable CauliBox or CauliCup if it is available at your workplace!

Easier Borrowing

We made it even easier for you to borrow our CauliWare by eliminating the deposit requirement. Now, all you need to do is pay a £1 hold fee that will be released when you return the containers. It's like a little deposit on your future (and the planet's).

New Products:


We introduced CauliCups, the reusable cups of your coffee-loving dreams. Not only are they fully recyclable and can be used over 400 times, but they're also perfect for helping to reduce the 2.5 billion disposable cups that end up in landfills each year - a double shot of sustainability in every sip.

Small CauliBox

We also launched smaller CauliBoxes, perfect for when you need a side to your main or those days when you just can't decide what you're in the mood for and want a bit of everything. Whether it's soup, salad, or something in between, these 500mL containers have got you covered. The same convivence and environmental impact in a compact little box.

Cauli Rental

If you were at Westfield London lately for your holiday shopping, you might happen upon our purple CauliCups at the Lush wellness pop-up, The Lush Lounge. Our CauliBoxes and CauliCups, and more are now available for rental at your next conference, pop-up, party, or any event with food and drink is served (so the best events in town).

New Cauli:

Bigger and Better Team

We also added a few new faces to the Cauli team: Zuzana, Joseph, and Ben. These talented individuals are working hard to make reusing simple, smart, and fun. And let's be real, who doesn't love a team that's all about sustainability and having a good time?

New Advisor

In addition to all these exciting developments, we've also onboarded a new advisor, Julian Metcalfe OBE, the founder of Pret and Itsu. With his expertise in the food industry, we're confident he'll help us expand our offerings and explore possible markets even further.

Coming Soon

And if that wasn't enough, we've got even more exciting things in the works for 2023!

This news is fresh out of the oven: Cauli just won our third Innovate UK grant, which is funding from the UK government awarded to innovations that are changing the landscape of packaging. With an injection of over £250K in funding, we will be focusing on smart technologies which will make borrowing and returning Cauli reusables even easier - the self-checkout of sustainability without the annoying beeping.

Oh, and one more thing - we're fundraising in the beginning of 2023! If you know anyone who might be interested in supporting our mission to make sustainability accessible and achievable for all, please send them our way.

So as we say goodbye to this year and hello to the next, we just wanted to say thanks for being a part of the Cauli family. Here's to an even more sustainable (and hopefully less pandemic-y) future in the new year.

Happy Holidays! 🌟❄️🎁

The Cauli Team



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