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Sustainability campaigner. A competitive napper, dumpling maker and roller skating wannabe.


Co-founder & CEO

A widely recognised food waste and sustainability campaigner and entrepreneur. Jo has worked with corporations including Sainsburys and Unilever on cutting food waste and advising on sustainable development.

She holds an MSc in Global Health Sciences from the University of Oxford and a BA from Colby College as a Davis UWC scholar.

Jo was awarded a special “Women in Food” award by the Mayor of London in 2019.




Builder, breaker, fixer, tinkerer.

Good enough is rarely good enough.

Chris is a coder with conscience and a passionate drive to use his abilities for the betterment of the planet. 

He has significant technical expertise around modern web technologies, AI and user experience, as well as practical experience with early-stage startups. 

Christopher holds a BA in Computer Science (First Class) and an MEng in Advanced Computer Science (Distinction) from University of Cambridge.


The creative.

A cycling fanatic, early riser and cake consumer.


Product & Marketing Lead

Ella is a fourth year Design Engineering student at Imperial College London specialising in user experience, product design and brand communication. 

With both creative ability, having exhibited at the National Portrait gallery, and engineering expertise, Ella is motivated to combine technical knowledge with creative thinking to solve environmental problems.


Determined idealist, aspiring yogi and chocolate enthusiast.


Project Assistant

Barbara hails from the Netherlands, and her passion is finding out how behavioural insights can be used to help people make better, more sustainable decisions.

After attending high school in Wales, she started her studies in Psychology and Government at Harvard College.

She has worked both in academic research and on collaborations between the private and public sector, and is excited to pursue a career centred around bringing changemakers across society together to foster sustainable social impact.


Project Assistant

The logistics maniac. A banana bread baker, nature enthusiast, and puppy worshiper.

A logistics maniac, nature enthusiast, and puppy worshipper

Sofie is a driven McGill graduate in Political Science and International Development,  bitten by the sustainability and innovation bug.

With her experience in logistics and communications, Sofie hopes to begin her career embedding in eco-friendly conscious initiatives.

 "Let's turn small talk about sustainability into big talk or even better; let’s walk the talk."

Workaholic, nature enthusiast and aspiring chef.

Fan of climbing things.


Partnership Assistant

Mario is a a third year Politics & International Relations student interested in sustainability and helping the planet in general.

Mario enjoys travelling, climbing and being outdoors.

His motto is: "Problems can't be solved with the mindset that created them".

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