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We supply healthcare, education, corporate, industry & events across the UK and Ireland. Looking for an all-in-one reusable packaging solution? Get in touch with us today!



CauliBox and CauliCup can be reused for more than 400 times, and reach a carbon neutral point upon the 27th usage. That is, saving >373 single-use containers during its lifespan.


Easy Integration

Clients benefit from Cauli’s reusable packaging supply chain & digital customer management application and platform with our hassle-free turn-key solutions, while retaining full control over operations. Sourcing & tracking sorted.



The cost structure is highly competitive with current costs of single-use disposables including vegware, also saving on waste management. The more you reuse, the less it costs per use. 

Client Testimonial

"We have been looking for a reusable solution for many years. We have trialled several options in the past but none are as complete and well considered as Caulibox.

Ming and her team have really thought through all eventualities and have created a product that works for both caterers and customers. It simply delivers on what is promised and will help us to substantially reduce our single use disposable consumption to achieve our environmental targets. We have received a lot of support from the Caulibox team in the run up to our launch and they are a pleasure to work with.

They are also working to develop the system further to make the returns easier and also launch new product lines over the coming year which we will certainly consider.


In summary I think it is the best and most complete offer on the market to date."


-- Daniel, Operational Director at major catering group

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Client Cases

University Cafeteria

Corporate & Industry

Societe Generale

Helping the bank in Canary Wharf cut waste & reach organisational net zero targets with solutions and employee engagement support since 2022.



NHS Barts Trust

Helping the entire Trust of 5 hospitals eliminate F&B packaging since 2021. 

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Reading a Braille with Doctor


Age UK

Switched in 2021 from disposable hot food containers to CauliBoxes for their F&S Food Hot Meal Service. 

Read more here. 

Morrisons CauliBox 263.jpg



Removing single-use containers from Morrisons' salad bars across England since 2022.

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Westminster City Council

Breaking the cycle of single-use at street food markets & events since 2019.

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